Kids, kids, kids…

       My kids pull such emotions out of me, things I never knew were there… They are all grown-up now in a way, 19, 21 and 23. As I see them make their way through life, I get to cheer them on, singing and crying with them. They are not my life, for God has given me my own full life to enjoy daily, but there’s just something about being permitted to taste of their adventures, discoveries, choices and mistakes.
     Birth, childhood, teenagehood and now young adulthood… My knees are joyfully callused from the hours spent in my Father’s presence on their behalf. What a privilege it is to unite my faith to His will and intercede for them. It makes their victories sweeter to my heart. And I have grown in my intimacy with my God, the great shepherd of the sheep. He always knows where His sheep is. He always knows how to get them to come home where it is safe. He always knows how to challenge them to not settle for less than His best.
   I cried with my daughter this week-end as she opened up her heart and told me of her love for people who are lost–I was so proud of her. I cheered my son on as he made a difficult choice in view of his faith, and now I am seeing the fruit of his sacrifice. And I watch as my other son is maturing, becoming a steadfast man of God.
   I birthed them indeed, naked and needy. They are turning into rich spirits, gorgeous bodies, challenging minds. Oh, bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name! For He has done great things indeed!


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