New Book Idea

This post is a request for feedback. Feel free to post a comment or email me:

A book about success… I know, I know, there are kazillion books on success out there, and why would mine be any different? My idea is quite simple: I will take principles of success that we know work, and see how they relate to God’s Word. God’s laws are God’s laws, no matter who takes hold of them. That’s why evil people who give generously are increasing, and why those who are diligent do well, no matter where they stand with God. God honors His Word, period.

Many of the principles for success that people use are scriptural; that is why they work. However, can you imagine the power they would have if we knew they were scriptural, had insight about them, and added faith to them as we reach forward?

To prosper means to succeed in reaching; I intend to help people do just that, and show them why their plan will work–because it is founded on the Word. When they move with faith, we becomes power houses –and we will glorify the King of kings through our lives.

Any comments out there?


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