Silver Sneakers

Some call it Silver Streakers, some call it Silver Slippers…. but all call it wonderful. The format is simple: 45 minutes of exercise twice a week for the purpose of increasing strength, flexibility and aerobic endurance. We use resistance tubes, weights and balls, and we are having the best time! We giggle, sweat and work out together. Best of all, we are making new friends and are getting fit.
I am a fitness instructor at our local YMCA, and a year ago we launched Silver Sneakers. This is a fitness program run by HCR–Health Care Dimensions–and paid for by insurance companies. This program targets older adults, or adults with disabilities/injuries.

Here are some comments I heard over the last few months:
I can now bend down to get pots and pans out of my cupboards!
I went to the doctor’s, and my blood pressure is back to normal!
I lost two pounds!
I got engaged!!! Met Russ here, and we’re getting married!
The doctor said I don’t need my leg braces anymore!
I have a reason to get up in the morning now!

For me as a fitness instructor, these are the most rewarding classes I teach. My “students” are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They have survived childbearing years, careers, catastrophies, grief, extrem joys and despair, and they know about time being a precious commodity. They are full experience, perseverance and wisdom. I teach them fitness, but they teach me life.

To each one of you Silver Sneakers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day! May you know today that you are loved. May you continue to take care of yourself. I want to enjoy your smiles for many years to come. You are my daily inspiration.


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