Life, a struggle?

At times, life feels like a struggle. Especially when I am fighting hard against my flesh, my feelings, and a hopelessness that seeks to make its home in me. The struggle can be exhausting. Ezechiel 47 tells me to go deeper and deeper in the river of God until I let my feet off the ground. Whoever heard a man or a woman carrying the river? I must learn to let it carry me where I have to go.
Everywhere the river goes, there is life; everywhere the flesh goes, there is death. Friend, it is time to learn to let the river carry you.
How? By continually being filled with Holy Spirit, remembering that He made us new and He is able in us. Did you hear that? We are not able in ourselves, there is too much junk in us. But He is able in us! Let us give Him the room He needs to get the job done. Let us give Him the mind-time He deserves.
Holy Spirit leads Gods people into victory. Let go the struggle. Thats why He says things like stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, and The battle is the Lords, and Be still and know that I am God, and nothing will be impossible with God.
He is God and I am not. He is God and you are not. It is time to let go the struggle and embrace Him. He is able and willing. It is not difficult to trust Him–we were created with that in mind.


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