Home is where I became me.
Home is where my children grew up, worked through their struggles as teenagers and matured into young adults. They dared to leave, knowing they could always return when in need of reassurance for their souls. Home is where they come back to do their laundry and load up on hugs and leftovers. It is where they can bounce ideas around, receive a few genuine smiles and the comfort of old traditions. Home is where life remains the same. Home is safe for them.
Home is where my husband and I are growing old together and loving it. We relive the past and savor the little nothings of today: a nice glass of wine in front of the fireplace, a slow dance on the patio, a good movie with popcorn, an intense session with Holy Spirit. We make plans for a future together. Home is where I see him being changed from glory to glory, transformed into an amazing man of God, and I wonder why I am so blessed to have such a kind man take care of me, loving me day in and day out.
Home is where friends come and take a deep breath, fill up on unconditional love, and pour their hearts out. They come without make-up, they know they are accepted. Home is where friends come, bearing the gift of who they are.
My home is the place where God dwells. I sense His touch in every room. I smell His fragrance when I walk in. He goes with me when I go out, but He’s already home when I come back!
Home has chipped dishes, scratched up wooden floors, squeaky mattresses and stained carpet. Home is the most beautiful place on earth. It is the place where life happens.


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