The power of lists

I fully believe in the power of keeping lists. Lists are one of my strongest motivators in the morning!
Why lists are useful to me:
1.they give me a sense of purpose
2. they motivate me
3.they help me remember stuff
4.they push me forward
5.they give me a sense of accomplishment
6.they organize my thoughts for me
7.they organize my life for me
8.they help me remain focus
9.they give me a sense of accomplishment
10. they keep me from forgetting many, many things.
What kinds of lists do people make?
1.list of things to purchase: grocery list for example
2.list of things to do today
3.list of things to do in the near future
4.list of things to do when I retire!
5.list of goals
6.list of people–a simple address book is a list!
7.list of important information–your credit card numbers, or passwords on the computer!
8.list of wishes; this one is fun to scratch out as the wishes come true!
9.list of things to remember
10.list of accomplishments–this one is really useful on a “down” day!
And the list goes on…
Do you make lists? Of what and why? How do they help you? Tell me of your experiences with lists! Email me:
Here is an article you might enjoy: lists, lists and more lists~


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