no quitter here!

   How often I’ve wanted to call “it” quits, give up, throw in the towel, run away… but the invisible hand of God held me in place, and I remained, worked through the issue, and overcame. And I found out a curious truth: I can’t lose if I don’t quit. I might have a setback or a thousand setbacks, but as long as I stand up again, I haven’t lost. Failure is not an option for those of us who won’t quit.
   The reason I can’t quit is quite simple: God intends for me to win! My life is all about winning in Jesus’ name. I may have a million enemies, a thousand people who are against me, a kazillion so-called friends who don’t believe in me, but you know what? God is not one of them. God is on my side, God is for me, God believes in me–He knows He invested His Son in me! And His investments always bring great returns.
   Since I’ve got God on my side, I simply refuse to quit. Wanna join me in relentless victory?


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