I am thankful for the ability to be kind to people. So many of them are struggling day in and day out in an ocean of loneliness, and the love of God in me is able to reach them through simple kindnesses. I know that my day has often been turned around through an act of kindness. I remember a phone call that just about floored me; there was no way my friend could have known what I was going through. She simply called me to remind me of God’s faithfulness–and my mind was lifted up out of the dark places it was in. Oh, the power of words…
   But kindness extends beyond words. I can be kind through my acitons as well. My friend’s phone call was more than words–it was a hug wrapped up in words, and she had to purposefully pick up the phone to give it to me. Kindness is seen in smiles, in baked cookies, in time offered up, in words, in gifts, in sensitive observations, and the list goes on. It probably is as long as the numbers of people on earth, for we can all express kindness in different, personal ways. How do you express kindness?
   Today, especially if you feel down in the dumps, choose to be kind. It’ll change someone’s day, and will do you good. There’s nothing healthier for us to do than to get our minds off of ourselves at times!


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