Boot Camp

   We are beginning a boot camp at the YMCA where I am a fitness instructor. lt’ll be at 6 am, and we’ll get camo T-shirt.
   Cardio boot camps are springing up every where. I guess it’s the thing to do these days. But what are they? Basically, they are a total body work-out, including cardio components and muscle strengthening. They are fun, fast and efficient. You move from one exercise to the next without any break, doing as many reps as you possibly can. The purpose is to get in shape fast. The weight loss is generally spectacular as well because of the intensity and frequency of the workouts. You can check out a workout sample online if you want to.
   Cardio bootcamps don’t last forever. Ours will be five days a week for four weeks. So you know there’s an end to the madness. I think it’ll be a fun challenge. I’ll sweat a lot, laugh a lot, scream a lot and lose a few pounds. And I’ll get to watch other people do the same


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