Grammatically, “change” is a lot of things: a transitive verb, an intransitive verb and a noun. In the dictionary online, you can find all of its definitions. But for me today, change means a total revamping of how I have lived my everyday life, a throwing away of all of my well-oiled routines. I do well with my little plans, lists and routines. I know lots of people say that routines are dangerous, and maybe they’re right in the long run, but in today, they make me feel secure, like a warm bed at night and a meal on the table when I am hungry.
   Change replaces one thing for another, and it messes with routines. Change scares me, because my life is being turned upside down. I don’t really know where I stand. Actually, it feels like I stand on nothing at all–“having the rug pulled right from under me” became very real to me all of a sudden. I have to reorganize everything, but I don’t even know how because I have no sense of what is coming quite yet.
     I heard Joyce Meyer say once that everything is subject to change but God Himself. WOW!!!! Now that is a good word. If God doesn’t change, what is there to fear? If God is forever the same, what’s the big deal about change? We can just go with it; what really matters remains.
   Is change bad? Is change good? It is neither of its own and it could be both, depending on how we handle it, and what we do with it. It depends on where we get my stability from.
   I choose to rely on the One who never changes. I will be fine.


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