Fitness 101

   What is the definition of fitness? It is the “human state or quality of being physically and mentally fit.” We need both physical and mental fitness, and I would even say that we need to be spiritually fit, or no matter how fit the rest of us is, we will be absolutely miserable.
   But how do we measure fitness?
   As far as physical fitness, there are different tests that measure your body against a “norm.” But wherever you are on the scale of physical fitness, you can go forward. My friend Billie was thrilled last month when she was categorized as “obese!” She moved from morbidaly obese to just obese, and that was cause for celebration. So always remember that everything in life is relative!
   Okay, with that out of the way, what are the advantages of physical fitness? Many, many, many! Here is a list of just a few, not at all in order of importance:
reducing risk of heart disease
weight management
blood glucose management
psychological well-being
increased bone density
increased energy
better blood circulation
stronger muscles
great sleep
   And how do you get fitter physically? Well, the answer is easy: start moving! The implementation of it may not be… but that’ll be the subject of another post.


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