Thankfulness is a key in any storm of life. It it a key in any day of life, really. It refocuses us on what truly matters, and causes us to put things in perspective.
   Thankfulness is best when expressed through the mouth. Nothing to be thankful about? Well, you can always start with your fingers, or your mouth, or the coffee you had this morning. Then you can go on to the people who gave you life, if only for the fact of your life. Then you can be thankful for your life, your sweater, your underwear today. And then, there is the bed you slept in, and the water you drank this morning. How about your car, or the money to put gas in its tank?
  I am thankful for my friends, the curtains in my window, the shoes I put on to go on my long walks. I am thankful for my legs that allow me to run and jump. I love the smell of banana bread, and I am thankful for candles, and heat in the winter, and sunshine in the morning. And what would I do without rain? Thank God for the rain, and the snow to look at, and the fields in front of my house. I am thankful for the little cat that comes around once in a while and begs for a few minutes on my lap. I am thankful for alarm clocks, and for days when I don’t need them. I am so thankful for my job, and the people that I meet, and the sense of fulfillment I get when I made someone smile. I am thankful for my wonderful husband who has chosen to love me. I am thankful for telephones, and fax machines, and computers. And for a glass of wine at night. I am thankful for flowers, and fruits, and color. I love the blues in the sky, and the way stars twinkle at night like a million diamonds suspended in the middle of nowhere. And I am thankful for ice cream.
   Who is the recipient of all of my thankfulness? The creator of all things, of course. May He be glorified as I open my mouth to thank Him today. And every day.
   Go ahead, start your list. I’s your turn to delight in all that you have been blessed with. May your list be endless.


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