Ballroom Dancing

   My husband and I took twelve hours of ballroom dancing classes! We have been married 25 years, and it took us that long to actually sign up. It was thrilling, great, exciting and challenging. There were twelve couples in the class, from the very young who want to learn how to dance for their wedding dance next month to the retired couple who wants to join a ballroom dancing club in town. At first, we were all ver awkward. The teacher started with the guys, lining them up behind her; they looked like elephants in a china shop, or bears trying to look elegant. We women didn’t look much better, more like birdswith crooked wings and feet. By the time she put us together as couples, most of us had four left feet and looked pitiful… but had quite a lot of laughs. Little by little we progressed and by the end, we looked like couples dancing– amazing! You can find out much more about ballroom dancing online. There is a whole world of ballroom dancers out there. I even found a cool site that gives a history of modern ballroom dancing.
   If you are bold and up to a good time, give it a try, it’s worth it. You might step on each other’s feet quite a bit, but if you are not afraid of looking ridiculous and want a whole new world to open up to you, go for it!


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