What if?

   What if our perceptions of ourselves and others were crooked because of our strong opinions? What if God’s ways weren’t our ways? What if He saw what we can’t see? What if He judged according to His perfect wisdom rather than our finite knowledge of life?
   A funny thing happened to me today as I was scrubbing my floor, my heart filled with contempt for myself because of my reaction to a situation in my life. How could I be so messed up most of the time? Why couldn’t I just be more like so-and-so, more mature, more kind, better? Why was I such a mess? That’s when this “what if” pierced my heart: what if God didn’t see me like I did? What if my reaction was not an announcement of my failures to Him? What if I didn’t offend Him as much as I offend myself, because He looks at me with eyes of love rather than judgment? What if He really meant it when He declared that those who believe on Jesus have passed out of judgment? What if I’m really free indeed, justl ike He said I was?
   WOW!!! Triple WOW! Kazillion WOWs.


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