Eyes and Growth

   When my kids were little, two of them got poison ivy the same summer, same time period, and in about the same place on their arm; talk about wierd! The one prayed and went about his business of living, playing outside, enjoying his friends, the sandbox and his summer. Within days the poison ivy disappeared. The other one, my daughter, got quite involved with the spots on her arm. She picked at them, scratched them, talked, complained and cried about them. There wasn’t any time left for fun, baby dolls or bike rides. Her entire life revolved around her left arm. With a few days, we had to take her to the doctor’s as her entire arm was infected. And that’s when I got this simple revelation:what you fix your eyes on grows….
   Amazing but true. If my eyes are on how pitiful I am, I will grow more and more pitiful by the hour, completely useless to God, myself and others. But if my eyes are fixed on God’s ability and His power at work in me, I become unstoppable. Watch out, world!
   The choice is mine today and everyday. I can be pitiful or powerful. It all depends on where my eyes are. And the choice is yours today and everyday. You can be pitiful or powerful. It only depends on where your eyes are.


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