My new home

A year ago, I accompanied my friend June to check a house out on White Farm Road. The house was beautiful, but not for them. So life went on…
A few months ago, my husband started to talk about moving. Our country home has grown so big since the kids moved out, and our life is in town now: that’s where our church is, our friends, our jobs. I said it was too early and we just let it go. But one day a few weeks later, I woke up and that house on White Farm Road popped right into my head. After work, I just drove by it very slowly. It looked lived in. I drove around a bit and found myself back in front of the house. Is it my house, Lord? I whispered. How could it? There wasn’t any For Sale sign, and the house definitely seemed lived in. But a wonderful peace flooded my soul.
I went home and told my husband about my little adventure. Were not quite ready to move, he said. Just let it go. So I did–very simply.
Last month, he brought up moving again. I believe God leads my husband, and I trust him. So I took a hold of his dream and dreamed with him. We went out to dinner and grabbed a booklet that contained all the real estate listings for the town we live in; I leafed through it as the car went through the car wash after dinner and the little house on White Farm Road stared me right in the face. It was still for sale… My hubby and I drove by. When we got home, he called the real estate agency, and we went to see the house the next day.
He fell in love with it, and so did our three kids. In 23 days, we are going to own that house.
My God is an awesome God; He reigns with power and love.


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