Last week was our 25th anniversary, and we rented an entire lighthouse for the week-end to celebrate. After much effort to bring the folding chairs, wine galsses, wine and camera to the very top, we settled up there to watch the sunset. What a sight… Breathtaking, exhilarating, just plain beautiful.
   The sun set over Lake Ontario, and the delight of life rose within my spirit. We took a few minutes to thank our Creator for the moment and the last 25 years together–quite an achievement in today’s world. I love my husband more today than I did on that day I said “Yes” to him. We have grown to appreciate each other and to realize how much a part of each other we have become. I know my need of him, and his dependence on me. We enjoy each other’s company thoroughly.
   May our marriage be a lighthouse in this dark day, a beacon for others to be encouraged by. May we have 25 more wonderful years together.


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