What can I not live without? I tried to make a list of twenty-five things I could not live without, but I was stuck after the first six or seven, and that was after a long stretch of deep thinking! There are very few “things” I need for survival: food, water, shelter, clothing–and that’s about it! I can even make it without salt, or toilet paper if necessary. But what I truly cannot live without cannot really be touched, ingested physically, or seen by the natural eye.
   I cannot live without the Word of God that leads me day by day.
   I cannot make it without His Holy Spirit filling me with the knowledge of His pleasure.
   I cannot live without fellowship with God.
   I cannot survive without the intimate knowledge of His love.
   I will not make it without my godly friends who help me day by day.
   I cannot thrive without His blessing upon my life.
   I will not make it without Him indeed!