God’s Army Mobilized

   We have started to stand as a church against the strong attack of the evil one. we made a big circle and held hands last Sunday with our Bibles on the ground bhind us; a perfect picture of a unified body standing together with the Word behind us to be our rear guard, and the body in front of us–Jesus with skin and bones. We each are taking our place within the church, from the youngest to the oldest, the one that seems most qualified to the one that seems the weakest, aware that our qualification comes through the blood of Jesus. Some of us have begun to fast, others are interceding, others are singing, welcoming the presence of the Lord in the midst of the storm. Some are writing letters, giving phone calls, making meals, while others are speaking the Scriptures aloud, and marching in faith proclaiming promises.
   After one week, the atmosphere in our midst is electrifying. We have given the Lord room to move, and there is a miracle brewing in our midst. Some of us have recieved new jobs, new contracts, new hope. One has had her physical hearts healed, another has had a successful surgery. One of us has prayed for another, and gotten healed in the process. Every one is sensitized in heart once more to the mighty God we serve.
Take that, devil!


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