My kids –all over 20, mind you–dug out a fire pit in the backyard last week. They surrounded it with bricks, and invited their friends to roasted hot dogs, baked potatoes and smores last night. I was invited as well. What fun that was!
   There’s just something about sitting around a fire, enjoying the heat and looking up at the sky. The air was crisp, a perfect autumn night, and I was thankful for the simple pleasure of being together. But after a few minutes, I found myself making a mental list of all I needed to do, and thought about going in to begin, but a still small voice within told me to stick around and relax. As the night went on, the kids opened up, shared childhood memories, thoughts about today, hopes for the future. It was wonderful and precious. And my “list” almost caused me to miss it.
   Thank You Father for the still, small voice of your Holy Spirit. May I become more and more sensitive to Him as I walk on with You.