Chestnuts #2

   I keep gathering chestnuts, the bucket is getting fuller. Yesterday, I researched how to cook/bake/roast them, and actually did it. They looked lovely in my little dish, but the taste was very bland and the texture pasty. All that work for that? I was a bit disappointed. And I had a mountain of prickly things to get rid of.
   Last night was a lovely fall evening, so my husband decided to build a bit of a bonfire in the backyard to get rid of my ever-growing pile of prickly things. We grabbed our folding chairs, sweaters, matches, paper and headed for the backyard. He started the fire and we settled down to watch. When it was nice and hot, we threw some prickly things on it. They burned beautifully, each spike individually, creating a most gorgeous spectacle. Enchanted and smelling like smoke, we came back in after a couple of hours and had a lovely peaceful sleep.
   Chestnuts were wonderful to me this year.



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