How does one determine wealth? Is it by the fatness of my bank account, or the joy in my heart? The fullness of my cupboards, the kind of car I drive, the vacations I take, or the smiles offered to me?
   I think the real issue is our definition of treasure, for the Word of God says that, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” So if financial wealth is my treasure, there is where my heart is. What I focus on, what I think on, what fills my daydreams–that is my treasure. So my wealth depends on my treasure.
   I am not financially poor, but I am far from wealthy. I have all I need and lots more, but I dont’ have millions hid away. But I think wealthy in all of my days. I think in provision. I think in blessing. I think that I am rich. And I truly am. Here is a partial list of my treasures:
I am a kept woman–God watches out for me at every moment of every day
I have joy in my heart because of who I belong to
I have friends who are committed to me
I have a home in heaven waiting for me when I go there
I have a husband who loves me faithfully
I have three kids full of life and plans
I have eyes, and ears, and a mouth
I am alive and loving it.


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