Decisions, Decisions…

   I had to make a very big decision this week, and I tried to run away from it. “Lord, tell me what to do and I’ll do it,” I prayed, but He didn’t tell me what to do. I got upset with Him–why not just speak to me? He knows all there is to know about me, He certainly knows what’s best for me. “Speak, Lord, and I’ll obey!” But the Lord remained silent.
   I let my own mind weigh the options, and I listened to my heart. I sought wisdom from my husband and from the Word of God. Within a few days, the right choice began to emerge for me. I became convinced of the way to go, and eventually made my decision.
   That’s when I saw why God had seemingly not answered my prayer. He did not want me to run away from my responsibilities. Rather, He wanted me to make a decision in faith. He knew I would discover the joy of letting the Word and my husband make things clear for me. He desired for me to experience the delight of moving in faith and being settled on the inside.
   He answered loud and clear, just not the way I figured He would. What a mighty God I serve!


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