A small key opens a very big door

As I come to the end of one career and enter a new one, I am looking for a smooth transition, a gentle good-bye. I did all I could to leave the right way, but something terrible happened this week. A mixture of a horrible misunderstanding and the fact that I did not have a chance to defend myself left me with a very sick feeling in my stomach. It felt like all of my hard work had been erased in one instant, and I was now the bad guy, the traitor…
Help me Lord! I prayed and cried and tormented myself. Eventually, I got quiet enough to let the Lord speak to me about what was going on. And He started to show me the plan of the evil one: to make me throw out all the wonderful blessings I had gained through that job. It is just like the devil to stain the end of a wonderful gift of God so that we cant see the benefits anymore. He loves to make us forget the joy and leave us with a bad aftertaste.
How do I not fall into bitterness? Be thankful, the voice of the Lord said to my heart. Be thankful? That was the furthest thing from my heart. But I listened and waited for more insight.
Indeed, thankfulness would preserve all I had gained in that job. Thankfulness would numb the pain of the moment and would cause me to remember Gods faithfulness. Thankfulness would strip the devil from his power over me. Thankfulness would place me back into the joy of the Lord.
I said Yes, Lord, and I began to thank Him for what was, what is and what is to come. I thanked Him for Him, and His power in all of my situations. I thanked Him for divine wisdom and insight. And I went to sleep, assured of His care.
I woke up completely set free from all anxiety. Oh, thank You Lord for Your Word that keeps us from the schemes of the evil one! Thank You Lord for Your Word that is able to cut through all the garbage and get to the heart of what we need. Thank You Lord for Your Word. It is alive indeed, and well able to deliver us always!



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