Antidote – Poisoncan be ingested, spilled on the skin, breathed, splashed in the eyes. No matter how one comes in contact with it, it will surely harm the body. It is alive and destroys all it touches, and its effects compound quickly. The other thing about poison is that most of them work in small quantities unfortunately: you dont need much to be debilitated!
My heart got poisoned yesterday. At first, I didnt notice it at all, it seemed so innocent, really: just a few words spoken to me, and the path my mind took with them. By the time I lay down to go to sleep, it had traveled to the core of my being, and I was sick as a dogphysically, mentally and spiritually. After about four hours of tossing and turning in bed, I finally got up to hear what the Lord would speak to me. He identified the poison I took in, and gave me a ridiculously simple antidote: thanksgiving! Quite appropriate on Thanksgiving day!
I reluctantly began to give thanks, very much like a child takes a medicine he doesnt want but needs. Within minutes the antidote began to work and my countenance was lifted. The poison washed itself out of my being. It is well with my soul.
Thank God for Holy Spirit who always knows how to deliver us thoroughly.


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