Christmas List

   I guess people still write out Christmas lists these days. I am one for lists all the time, but this is a toughy. I want stuff, but need so little. God has been good to me, and the older I get, the less “stuff” is that makes my heart sing. It is my sweet fellowship with Jesus that fills my heart with delight, and my children’s walks with God that make me smile and my husband’s wonderful commitment to me that makes me feel secure. I am delighted with the friendships He has given me, and I am happy when I do my job well.
So here is my true Christmas list as of today:
~mates for my children that love the Lord with all their energy
~lots of photography work for my husband so he can do it full-time
~an extra day here and there to simply be with my friends
~success measured by people’s changes in my personal training job
~and I want every person on earth to hear about Jesus, the King made flesh for the salvation of men.
   How do you wrap these and put them under the tree?


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