Ice Cream Toppings

   The youth in my church are fund raising for a spring conference in Holland. They are full of ideas! The latest involved seven jars representing seven men from our church. We were to put our change in there, or whatever we wanted to. The three men who raised the most amount of money were going to be the winners of ice cream sunday toppings on their heads during our monthly potluck dinner.
   The potluck was today. My husband was one of the winners, yeah!!!! Armed with whipped cream in a can, chocolate sauce, butterscotch topping, nuts, cherries, sprinkles, hot fudge, and God knows what else, the youth went to work. It was quite a sight, I must say. The cream dripped on my hubby’s nose and wound up on his lips, he licked it with delight. The strawberry topping slowly slid off the side of his bald head and made him itch, but he couldn’t scratch. They finished their work of art with a cherry on top of each head, and then handed us a spoon so we could eat off their heads.
   Good, simple, healthy fun. My husband took a hot shower when he got home.


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