Christmas Traditions

   There is something so safe about family traditions. My children, who are now 20,22 and 24 years old, still look forward to all our traditional Christmas ways. They aren’t like any other family’s ways; they are ours, they make us us. From the jokes we know by heart to the way my oldest son makes the sauces for the meat fondue on Christmas Eve, from the silly one dollar gifts that we buy for each other to the homemade French bread with sesame seeds that we only eat that one night out of the year, it’s us. Just us. And we love it.
   This is our last year having Christmas Eve as we have known it for the last 24 years. A new season is coming into our lives. We welcome it, but we need to say good-bye to the old. We are going to do it graciously this week, from the fondue to the gifts, and we will love the sense of belonging to each other.
   Thank You Lord for our family.


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