Personal Training

   Being a personal trainer is quite a challenging job, but I love it. I am getting to know people’s preferences, weaknesses and strengths, and I love to work together with them to accomplish their goals.
   I am a pusher, I don’t think I can help that. God buit me that way. Whatever I do, I always push the envelope just a tiny bit more, and then again, and then again… It drives my clients nuts, but I am getting amazing results.
   I discover their personalities by the way they work out. It is interesting. One thing they have in common: they are highly motivated. I don’t think they would sign on with me otherwise. I have a “mean” reputation. One of them calls me “the beast,” and another one “the exercise nazi.” I guess that’s a compliment; at least that’s how I am taking it.
   It takes a lot of mind work and planning to come up with work-outs that are individualized, tailored for their goals, their limitations, their abilities. I love it though. Curious to see where all of this is going…


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