His name is above every other name in my life. I know it, I have heard it said a thousand times, and I truly believe it with all of my heart. But how does this translate in my everyday life? What when the cookies scream to be eaten when I am not hungry any more? What when my head hurts so much that I can’t think? How do I make His name be above those things that tug so strongly at me, my body, my emotions?
   I have to let it. Let it be the umbrella over me. Don’t fight it. His name is His presence. He is inviting me to let His presence rule me more than my situation, circumstances, feelings. He is extending His hand of victory to me. He is saying that if I let His name–His presence–overshadow me, I will not be overwhelmed by the storms of life. I have to choose His name, His presence. I have to say YES to His invitation.
   I allow His name to be the umbrella over me today. Pain and sufferings come and go, but His name will remain forever. He has called me by His name, I am His. Wow….