God is dead?

   How would I answer the declaration that “God is dead?”
   That is a tough question, for I cannot prove to anyone the existence of God. I can tell for hours of His kindnesses to me in the whole of my life; I can point to the places in the written word of God where He declares Himself the God of the whole universe, and I can probably make a pretty good argument for His life in view of world events.
   But the person in front of me would not be moved. For the existence of God will not be accepted on the basis of scientific or logical proof, otherwise all men would be believers–creation itself screams of God’s being. No, the answer must come from somewhere else.
   The only argument that will settle a man will come from the depth of the heart.
   How would I answer the declaration that “God is dead?” Well, I will simply leave it alone. I’m not out to prove God. He can do it Himself. But if I find a man who truly seeks for God and is honestly asking if there is a God, I will kindly tell him that the answer requires a willingness to speak to God and ask Him for a revelation of His being. God Himself will come. And there will be no argument left.


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