I have fought with myself a lot this week, trying to make me be what I am not yet, trying to subdue the flesh that won’t be subdued. It left me pretty tired and worn-out.
But God has ways, and I am thankful for that. When I gave up on myself, He came in gently and spoke His word to me. He is the deliverer of my spirit, soul and body. He is the master surgeon who knows how to cut out what needs to be removed. He is the only righteous judge of my heart. He is the restorer of my soul. He wants to do it all for me, and He wants all the glory–no glory for Barbara, all for the King of kings.
I was going at it the wrong way. All I needed to do was to present myself to Him, the Master in all things that concern me. I can’t fix me. Praise be to God who delivers us through Jesus, our Lord.
Can you hear His whisper today? Be still and know that I am God.

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