What or Who is Lord?

   Feelings, emotions… they can get the best of me sometimes. And they are so fickle. One minute I am the happiest person on earth, and the next I feel more miserable than a worm. These feelings tend to want to rule me, they demand my attention and they often lure me in the wrong direction, convincing me that I ought to act according to them.
   What a foolish thing to do… Why would I act according to my feelings, when I know they are unreliable and will probably change within the hour? Actions are not easily undone, if you know what I mean. What is done is done. There is forgiveness with God for sure, but we still live with many consequences of our behavior.
   So here is my conclusion: Feelings come and go. At times I love them as they make my day delightful, and at times they cloud my judgment. They are not a reliable source of information. But the Word of God is. It will never change, it is not subject to moods or circumstances. It remains the same no matter what. And unlike feelings, it doesn’t lie.
   Just because the feelings roar is no reason to yield to them. They are not lord over me. The Word of God has the last word. And that is most liberating!


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