Square Plates

I went shopping with a purpose today. I have been dreaming of triangular or square plates for appetizers, salad or dessert. They will look so cool on my table. I looked all through ebay for them, but didn’t find anything I loved. I looked online at specialty stores, but the items were simply too pricey, and not extraordinary at all–plus, the shipping was ridiculous.
So I went around the stores in town until I found them. I didn’t really know you could get that excited about plates, but… well, I did! They were square, and a bit rustic, and the color was perfect, and to top it all off, they were on sale! But there wasn’t any of those particular ones left besides the display. I went and inquired, but they couldn’t find any more in the computer either. My heart sank. How can a heart sink over plates I don’t know, but it did. I forced a smile and walked away, and committed it to the Lord who loves me perfectly.
It wasn’t four minutes later that the sales associate came after me and said, “the computer was wrong! I found two boxes in the back.”
God is good all the time, whether I get the plates I want or not. But sometimes, He loves to give me little love notes like that. I gladly paid for the plates and brough my treasure home. Tonight, we are going to inaugurate them!


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