So I got my plates, and love them–serving dessert, snacks, lunch, whatever I can on them. Got me thinking… maybe I need some large square plates for dinner now, and maybe some bowls for icecream, cereals, and soup. And maybe I should have some square serving dishes so I can have a whole table setting of square plates. Well, then I’d need coffee cups too.
I found myself desiring more and more. I had created a desire inside of me just because of an idea that I ran with. Isn’t that something? Desire is controllable, growable… I can begin with a small idea and let it grow in me for good or for bad.
Today, I am going to start daydreaming about being a blessing to my family, friends, and even to my patients at work, and srangers on the street. It will birth in me ideas of how to do it, and the energy to accomplish them. Kindness begets kindness. Acorn grow oak trees, and one apple seed potentially grows hundreds of apple trees.
My sweet, wonderful husband ordered me a whole set of square dishes. Can’t wait for them to arrive. We just haven’t found nice square cups yet. Any one out there knows of some?