Motivation Redefined

Does your bank account balance tell you how much you can give today? And do the numbers on your scale dictate what you will eat today? Do your children’s actions and reactions determine your degree of commitment this day? Does your boss being there over your shoulder or not affect your work performance?
God desires to be the reason we do what we do. Jesus did what He saw His Father do, and that is truly the definition of normal for those who love the Lord. “Normal” behavior is to do what we hear our Father tell us to do, or what we know HIm to want us to do. My giving must be according to the Word of the Lord, and my eating according to God’s pleasure. My commitment to those I love and my actions therefore stem from the love that God poured in my heart for them, and my work performance is unto the Lord, whether seen or not.
I am determined to have it as my ambition to be pleasing to the Lord. Boy does that change everything in my daily life! Wanna give it a try?


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