Spring Clean-up

The weather has turned here in Pennsylvania, and it is lovely out there. I picked up a few wheelbarrows full of sticks and branches from my yard today and dumped them in a burn pile so that they first mowing would be easier for my husband. Tomorrow, I’m going to rake some dead leaves, and cultivate around in my flower beds, giving them a bit of room to breathe.
···God commanded Adam to cultivate the garden of Eden–that means that God wanted him to get and keep the garden ready for life. When I cultivate my flower bed, I insure that the seeds will have all that they need to flourish and prosper. If I don’t do anything and let things just do “their own thing,” my flowers would look pretty pitiful within a couple of years.
···Somehowit goes the same way with my heart. If I don’t cultivate it, making sure it is always soft and ready for the Word and the presence of the Lord, it probably will become hard and cracked–not very “welcomy” for the King of kings. A neglected heart is no home for the Lord of lords.
···Today, God used my stick gathering to speak to my heart. I am calling upon His name that I would be helped in cultivating my heart.


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