Does God ever resist me?

   What a question, really… And at first glance, we would all surely answer, “of course not.” God is my friend, my buddy, my partner, my co-pilot, right? Wrong!
What I am in the natural does not work with who God is–the Righteous judge who cannot look upon sin. If it wasn’t for Jesus our Lord, we could not even stand in His presence at all. But the precious, magnificent sacrifice of our Lord made the way for us. By His blood, we are cleansed and made acceptable to enter the very presence of God. But only by His blood.
   When I seek to come in on my own merits, God indeed resists me. He only receives me when I come through the acceptable sacrifice of His Beloved Son.
   God’s ways are simple, so simple. God’s ways are absolutely right. It isn’t hard to walk with Him, it is a delight actually. But we must do it His way.


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