Growing despite of the cement

   I have been working in my yard lately with the spring weather settling in. I’m a happy camper, completely in my element with my wet hands and dirty pants as I have to get in there, the closer the better. God has blessed me richly with lots of starters from my friends, and as I plant them, I expect the blessing of the Lord on the works of my hands; I won’t be disappointed. I have worked the ground, cultivating in so it was ready to recieve the baby plants, and I have been watering my babies faithfully.
   But the other day, my friend June reminded me that sometimes, little plants grow through the cracks in the cement on driveways, or on the side of the road. No one cultivated the ground, no one watered the seeds, and yet they grow up toward the sun through layers of gravel and cement. How do they manage to do that? Well, I have no idea. But they still make it through, alive and strong.
   This gives me great courage for my own life. Seeds grow. The Word of God is a seed in me. Sometimes, my heart does feel like cement. But as I let the seed of His word in, it somehow is able to break up the hard ground and find a fertile spot in me, and grow unto my deliverance. Wow!!!
   Today, I am going to thank God for my starter plants that are doing so well, and for the plants that make it through the cement. Today, I am going to hope in God.


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