Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there! Every one of us has a mother. Perfect or not, they gave birth to us, tried to do good by us, raised us the best they could.
··· My mother is an extraordinary woman in many ways. I am thankful for herand for all she did for me. Now that I am all grown-up, I see her with different eyes, and I understand some of the sacrifices she made for me. I love her with all of her strengths, weaknesses and strange ways.
And now I am a mother myself to three just about grown children, but I see clearly that once a mother, always a mother. This isnt a job we can retire from. Ever. And honestly, I guess I dont want to.
··· My youngest son took me out to McDonald’s for breakfast this morning. I had a yogurt parfait, and he shared from the Word of God some things that the Lord is teaching him. It was such a precious time between the two of us. My oldest son and his fiancee insisted on making lunch for me, the whole thing, from beginning to end. We had breakfast for lunch with bacon, sausage, pancakes and eggs. And maple syrup of course. My daughter bought me lovely flowers.
What great kids I have. There have been many many tears over the years. There have been fears that I had to give up because the Lord says not to fear. There were many nights on my knees, and many phone calls to my friends for help. But today, I look at them and thank the Lord for His utter faithfulness to me. I am so rich indeed. I am thankful for my children day after day, Mother’s Day or not. They are the joy of my heart as I see them walk with God and live their lives uprightly. What more could I want?


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