She wasn’t even seven years old, I think. I remember her lining up her teddy bears and dolls on stools, pillows and little plastic chairs. They were her captive audience, and she was the teacher. The lessons and baby dolls’ names changed, but the teaching game went on for years.   
   Last week-end, my daughter graduated from college as an elementary school teacher, magna cum laude. I cried as she walked up to get her degree. Years of dreams and hard work rewareded in that instatn.
   I look at her today, a young woman at the threshold of a new adventure, and I can’t help but declare the Lord’s faithfulness. Thank You Father for the dream You put in her as a little girl. Thank You Father for helping her one day at a time to bring it to pass.
   I am not afraid for her future. The God who kept us thus far will remain with her to do her good.


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  1. Congratulations, Barb! Isn’t it WONDERFUL to see the fruit of all the hard work you have put into all of your children? He that has called you is faithful to perform ALL He has promised you! Our God is SO GOOD.


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