He hears me

   My God hears prayers. I am amazed today by His mind-boggling kindness that caused Him to send His Son that I might have fellowship with Him. The righteousness of Jesus imputed to me grants me full access into the throneroom of God, where I find mercy, grace, joy, rest, and every other “thing” needed for life down-here. But there is even more… In the throneroom of the King, I can bring my request to Him, and He leans His ear to me. What kind of love is that? The Father hears me when I call to Him.
   My life changes completely as I come into a greater understanding of this. What is there to fear if God hears my prayer? Whatever the situation I fear, I know He is there and will hear my cry. Why be depressed if He hears my prayer? Why in the world would I fret with a God like that?
   I am undone by His love today. I have soaked a couple of tissues already, and I’m about to soak a third one. The King hears me when I call. Indeed, life is good.


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