I have decided to train for a marathon. Not quite convinced yet that I can actually run a marathon, but I know that I can begin to train. It’s one of these impossible thing for me, so not like me, so not in the realm of what I can do, and that is why I so want to pursue it. My God is the God of the impossible. All of my life is a testimony to what He can do, to victory in His name only. That’s why I want to run a marathon.
The first two weeks, I only needed to run 30 minutes four times a week. Tonight, I finished my second week. They called it preliminary training. So now I’m into the real training. It scares me. The miles scare me. This week, I have to run 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles and 5 miles. That is so impossible. I run very, very slow. I figure that I run a thirteen minute mile. DOn’t laugh, that’s still considered jogging. So because the miles intimidate me terribly, I decided to think in minutes. Minutes are just seconds one after the other. So to run my three miles, I have to run 39 minutes.
I’ll let you in on my progress. I am excited and nervous. But it’s like anything else in life; one step at a time trusting in Jesus. That, I know I can do. I have lots of practice. And He never let me down yet. “Thus far the Lord has helped me,” the man of God declared. That is my declaration tonight as well: thus far, the Lord has helped me. And if God is for me, what is there to fear?


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