Moving away from Home

   My daughter who graduated in May got her first job as a teacher! She will teach Fifth grade in Winchester, Virginia. Last week, my husband went with her to rent her first appartment. Two bedrooms, lots of light, garbage disposal… Sounds good to me. Now we’re putting together some furniture for her, and assembling the basics she will need, like cutlery, towels and toilet paper. Her lease starts August 1st, so we’ll rent a U-haul and move her in on that day.
This isn’t like going away to college; she is really moving. Like, she won’t have her stuff in this house anymore. She is making her own home, away from us. I am finding myself quite emotional about this whole thing; thrilled for her, and aware that it is so right, yet a bit sad. I am going to miss her so much–we are good friends. And I won’t be there for her to tell me about her day at night. Thank God for cell phones.
For now, I’ll concentrate on helping her get ready. This isn’t unlike training for a marathon, or for life; take it one day at a time, or one task at a time. God gives me grace for today. I’ll take it. Tomorrow, there will be more grace for that day. And the same for August 1st, and every day after that.


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