Growing up

   We went to check out a restaurant for Matthieu’s rehearsal dinner and are making the final plans for his December 9th wedding. And we are getting Maelys ready for her big move to Virginia. Then, there is our Daniel in D.C. who is full of plans and goals for his future, and he always involves us in one way or another.
Now we talk wedding, and tax deductions, and ministries, versus baseball strategies and prom dresses and teenagers eating up all the icecream in the house. The kids have grown up right before our eyes, and we somehow didn’t notice. Well, no, that’s not true, we did notice, but not fully. I love what they have become. I actually found myself crying realizing that God has been so utterly faithful to us, and He has produced three grown individuals who love Him and serve Him with all they are. How amazing He is. Glory be to God in the highest.
Now it’s time to let them be. Never to let go, really, for I will always hold them in my heart and prayers. But they are their own people, standing in the grace of God for their own lives. WOW…


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