Another week finished

   God is good, God is faithful, He will carry me through this… The book I’m reading about marathon running speaks about constructing your own reality and making a mental movie of your victory. Much of running a marathon has to do with the mind, I understand, and the book teaches one chapter at a time how to work with your mind so you expect to make it to the end and you are helped when you “hit the wall.”
   I love the concept, it seems so right, and yet so wrong, for no matter how strong your mind is, there will always be a breaking point since we are humans. So how do I translate these nuggets into spiritual nuggets that will work 100 % of the time, because they are founded on the Word and the God who doesn’t change, nor lie?
   I was pondering these things during my long run this morning, and the Lord started to give me a simple rythmic song to sing in my head while I was running, a bit like a cadence thing. I began to sing it, and sing it, and sing it, and sing it some more. Then He gave me a second verse for it, and I sang it, and sang it, and sang it, and sang it some more, and before I knew it, the seven miles were over. I could hardly believe it. I made it through the longest run of my life, and I wasn’t even exhausted. Actually, I was stronger in my spirit at the end because of truth filling me.
   I think this was a breakthrough day. Glory to my King. I will make His praise big today. He is worth all of my strength, and then some!


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