Moving Day

We moved Maelys to Virginia on Tuesday. After a rough start because the trucking company did not reserve a truck for us, the move went beautifully, without any problem. We got her kitchen, office and bed all set up, went to the bank and opened her a bank account and went out to eat. Then it was time to leave.
I did well until she burst into tears–that was my undoing. How could I leave my precious daughter in a city she didn’t know, with neighbors she didn’t know, with no place to go, no friends around, all alone? Her tears fueled mine, and I called on the Lord for help, which He gracefully granted me. My son and his fiancee wound up staying a while longer, and that surely was God’s provision for her. The card she handed us stayed unopened for quite a while–I simply did not trust my emotions.
Now life goes on here without her, and it feels like someone cut my arm off or something. My heart is in pain. I know this move is the right thing, she knows it as well, and we understand her to be in the perfect will of God, but the umbilical cord is still hard to cut. I miss her terribly, and the thought of her being alone out there is ripping my heart apart. Yet I know He is helping her every step of the way, and that the growing up process is naturally taking place.
I am so proud of her. Her walk with Him will carry her through perfectly. And I will be fine as well.


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