Week 4 Finished

By the grace of God, I actually made it through week 4! I had to run eight miles this morning, and I wasn’t sure I was going to finish when I started bright and early this morning. But the Lord showed up, and I did! How amazing: this girl who used to be overweight and out of shape, thinking about running a marathon! God is surely glorified through all of this.
The run felt long. I began to imagine different people running with me. I picked those I know love me: my husband, my mom, my kids, my closest friends. But not one of them really ran with me, even though my mind willed them to. Rather, they were standing on the sidelines, cheering me on, encouraging me, being proud of me. And then, I thought about Jesus. He began to lace His shoes, and He joined me. We were running together, side by side. And we made it through the eight miles.
I am a fitness trainer, a coach for others, a cheerleader who dares to believe in them, and they rise up to my expectations. But until today, I felt I had no one to coach me on, to believe in me, to guide me and tell me that I will make it. As of today, I discovered that I actually have the very best coach in the whole wide world: the Lord Jesus Christ.
And what a coach He is! I will glory in Him, and see Him take me further that I ever thought I could go. What an adventure I am on!


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