Too far along to turn back

My marathon training is coming along. Today, I ran 12 miles; the last 2 were pretty painful, more shuffling than running to tell the truth, but I still finished my course.
I find myself crying a lot these days, amazed at the grace of God who is carrying me through this program. Who ever would have thought that I could run 12 miles? Certainly not me. As I keep moving week after week, He is empowering me to go on. The whole picture is still too huge for me to consider, but next week is feasable, one day at a time.
I am learning many life lessons through this training, and I know that it is changing the way I walk with God, think and live. I am not very strong on my own, but I am finding such a wealth of strength available in Him that I never tapped in before; what a joy it is to begin moving in new strength! I find Him faithful at every turn. He trains me to keep my mind focused–such a necessary skill in this world.
I am running because He is empowering me to do so. I will glorify Him with every step. I will not quit–I’ve come too far for that at this point. I am a marathoner by the grace of God, and I surely have the best coach in the world. He runs every single training run with me, and He will cross the finish line with me on November 19th.
November 19th–that’s my first born’s birthday. Twenty-five years after his birth I am running a marathon. Glory to God.


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