Visiting Maelys

We went to Winchester this week-end to visit our daughter who is now established with a new job and an appartment. How odd and wonderful that was. All of a sudden, we were guests in her home and she was cooking for us. I am so proud of her. Her place is cool, reflects her well, and to my amazement, it is clean!
She showed us her favorite little hang out, and restaurant, sharing a bit of her life with us. We went together to the church she is considering committing to. And then, we took her out to eat, and got ack inot the car, leaving her to her life, and returning to what she still kind of calls “home.” My heart was heavy and happy, all at the same time.
What a blessing it is to be privileged to see your kids grow up in productive adults who walk with God.
Thank You my Lord.


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